Height Soles
Height Soles
Height Soles
Height Soles
Height Soles
Height Soles

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Height Soles

Save 50%

Instantly raise your height

Boost your confidence

Adjustable to customize height to your preference

Made of elastic shock absorbing material 

Height soles allow you to instantly become 1-4 inches taller without needing to grow naturally! Whether you want to impress others or boost your own confidence, you are now in charge of your height!

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Increase your Height In Seconds!

It's time to feel confident in yourself! Height Soles stay completely invisible when inserted into your shoes! On top of that, the Air-Cushion Technology protects your knees and ankles, balances foot pressure, and allows for a comfortable fit!

One Size Fits All

Height Soles fit into any size and brand of shoe. The insole itself has a section that you can trim to accommodate your favorite pair of shoes! Easily adjust to your size with the lines indicated at the bottom of insoles.

Multiple Heights To Choose From

We don’t just make Height Soles insoles for one height or size, either. In fact, they're so customizable that you can choose how much of a height boost you get when you use them!



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